KSQA Provides Lower Cost ISO 9001 Certification & AS9100 Certification for Small Business

Improve Customer Experience, Increase Profits, and Streamline Systems and Processes with ISO 9001 Certification & AS9100 Certification

As a leading provider of lower ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certification cost for small businesses, the KSQA team helps make certification more affordable for small companies. Unlike other certification bodies, we maintain a low-cost model with little overhead and rely on the virtual audit platform whenever possible to save our customers on travel, expenses, and time.


Through the ISO & AS9100 certification process, we will confirm compliance with the ISO Standard and identify areas of improvement. Our goal is to evaluate businesses implemented systems to ensure their QMS leads to sustainable growth while developing a culture that continually drives higher levels of customer satisfaction and improvement.

KSQA Virtual Audit Process Will Reduce ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certification Cost

Three Year Certification w/Annual Audit

Fixed Price – No Surprises

Specializing in ISO 9001 & AS9100

Efficient Systems Management

Consistent quality of products and services over time are the hallmarks of a sustainable, growth-oriented business model. Inefficiencies in production, inconsistencies in management, and knowledge gaps within the chain of command can cause problems with scheduling, supply chain management, meeting deadlines, and maintaining product integrity over time.

ISO 9001 & AS9100 certification is an Internationally recognized standard that was developed to rectify systemic issues with a reliable method of evaluation and improvement, while also addressing the internal and external risks that may impede success. The resulting improvements can help promote sustainable business development and healthy expansion.






ISO 9001 Certification & AS9100 Certification Can Help Improve Your Business in the Following Ways:

Operational Efficiency   |   Sustainable Growth   |   Customer Retention   |   Product Quality  |   Increased Profitability

KSQA – Trusted in the Industry for Transparent Process, and Expedited Certificates.

KSQA’s online system automates the certification process and provides clients access to all information from the application to certification. The online system walks each client through certification and provides information such as auditor credentials, audit steps, scheduling, audit reports, and certificate access.

The online system speeds up the issuing of the certificate. Our competitors can take 30-45 days after the closure of the audit for the issuance of the certificate, KSQA’s standard is within 2-3 days.

Learn More About the Certification Process:

ISO 9001 CertificationCertification Roadmap

Exceptional Service, Competitive Pricing

We’re LA Based with a National Reach

Though we’re headquartered in Los Angeles, California, KSQA provides virtual or in-person audits to companies throughout the United States. With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes, our team of experts is standing by, ready to help you improve your business with ISO 9001 certification & AS9100 Certification.

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Accredited Certification Body by IAS

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